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One-line summary: (10 characters minimum)Count: 0 of 55 characters 3. Rate this product: 2. With Virtual DJ, the user can add all sorts of effects, change the speed of tracks, crossfade from one track to another, and more. It is compatible with most DJ controller hardware, by simple plug-and-play. > THE COMPLETE DJ SOLUTION FOR VIDEO & AUDIO MIXING . It also does video, and you can even use it for karaoke.


Reply to this review Was this review helpful? (0) (0) Report this post Email this post Permalink to this post 5 stars "A SWEET program" December 02, 2015 By BeebeMaye 2015-12-02 17:57:02 By BeebeMaye Version: VirtualDJ 8 8.1.2582 Prosused for years.continues to get better ConsI want to say, have not found,it's okay Reply to this review Was this review helpful? (0) (0) Report this post Email this post Permalink to this post Results 1–10 of 974 1 2 3 . Denon MC3000).fixed: [MIDI] Fix MIDI mappings can't be used in rare cases.fixed: [MIDI] MIDI Denon MC 6000-MK2: BACK and FWD keys are inverted.fixed: [Other] Text corrections in preferences dialog.fixed: [Other] UltraMixer doesn't quits correctly in rare cases.fixed: [Preferences] MIDI options are not shown sometimes.fixed: [Sampler] New sample bank "UltraMixer FX 1" with special effects.fixed: [Sampler] Sample Volume can't be turn off.fixed: [User Interface] Links in demo dialog after startup doesn't work.fixed: [User Interface] MacOSX 10.11 (El Capitan) version detection reworked.fixed: [User Interface] UltraMixer hangs sometimes on shutdown.fixed: [Video] Slide show doesn't work in rare cases.fixed: [Video] Slide show interrupts in rare cases while loading broken images.fixed: [Wishlist] Sort by bpm sometimes not correct.5.0.2 [2014-12-17]new: [MIDI] Option to disable the crossfader in MIDI [MIDI] Option to disable the jogwheels in MIDI [SoundPlayer] Option to play track when loading a cue [Video] Clock display as visual [Video] Option to hide cover display in blurb.fixed: [AudioEngine] Optimized memory management for Quicktime on Windows.fixed: [User Interface] Waveforms causes cpu usage even if no player is running.5.0.1 [2014-12-05]fixed: [SoundPlayer] Seek waveform is not visible under seldom circumstances.5.0.0 [2014-12-03]new: [Waveform] Colored [Waveform] Synced rendering of both waveforms.fixed: [Preferences] Show target (e.g.player) in shortcuts table in preferences.4.1.3 [Noch nicht verffentlicht]new: [FileArchive] Intelligent group strips out duplicate tracks [MIDI] Reloop Terminal Mix 4: support for filter knob.changed: [FileArchive] Tracks which are in FileArchive with different upper and lower cases are only shown one time now.changed: [MIDI] Changes in midi mapping "Denon MC6000 MK2" (pre cueing).fixed: [FileArchive] Show progress dialog during sorting groups in FileArchive.fixed: [FileArchive] Sort by bpm sometimes not correct.fixed: [Video] Slide show interrupts in rare cases while loading broken images.4.1.2 [2014-12-17]changed: [MIDI] Changed MIDI mapping for Denon MC6000-MK2 (better cueing).fixed: [AudioEngine] Optimized memory management for Quicktime on Windows.4.1.1 [2014-11-16]changed: [FileArchive] Intelligent context menus.changed: [MIDI] Changed MIDI mapping for Denon MC6000-MK2 (better cueing).fixed: [2 Playlists] Show target (e.g.player) in shortcuts table in preferences.fixed: [Other] The audio playback stops sometimes in SYNC mode.4.1 [2014-10-20]new: [AudioEngine] Higher accuracy when [AudioEngine] Optimized support of multi core [AudioEngine] Support of ALAC files (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) on Mac OS X 10.8 or [Auto-DJ] Option to reset speed after fading in AutoDJ sync [FileArchive] "Save as CSV" include all visible columns [FileArchive] Confirmation dialog when clearing list of played [FileArchive] Faster display of group tracks if group has no subgroups and "flat view" mode is [FileArchive] Import music from iPhone, iPad and iPod [FileArchive] Performance boost in FileArchive (especially in big archives with more than 300.000 tracks).new: [FileArchive] Show meta data (artist, title, .) of MP4 [MIDI] Create, import and export custom midi [MIDI] Support for Denon [MIDI] Support for Numark MixTrack [MIDI] Support for Numark MixTrack Pro [MIDI] Support for Numark MixTrack [MIDI] Support for Numark Mixdeck [MIDI] Support for Numark Mixdeck [MIDI] Support for Pioneer [MIDI] Support for Reloop Digital [MIDI] Support for Reloop Jockey 3 [MIDI] Support for Reloop Terminal Mix [MIDI] Support multiple MIDI controller at the same [MIDI] Support of American Audio [MIDI] Support of Denon [MIDI] Support of Denon MC6000 [MIDI] Support of Numark [MIDI] Support of Pioneer [Other] Option to start UltraMixer as demo version for registered [Preferences] Button to reset location of file archive in [Preferences] Check if user based location of file archive is [SoundPlayer] Adjustable pause in CONT mode (continuous play).new: [SoundPlayer] It's possible to scratch into and out of a [SoundPlayer] It's possible to set the current position before and after an active [SoundPlayer] Keep in scratching mode when untouching [User Interface] Keystrokes for "spread to waitlist".new: [User Interface] New shortcuts for loop [User Interface] Show pause in AutoDJ mode over the play [Video] Buffered video playback for smooth video [Video] Option to adjust fading duration on slide shows.changed: [AudioEngine] Optimized scratching quality & latency.changed: [FileArchive] Show progress dialog when resetting hits.changed: [Other] Reduction of memory usage when loading tracks.changed: [User Interface] All dialogs can be closed now via ESC key.fixed: [AudioEngine] Memory leak after loading m4a tracks.fixed: [FileArchive] Group in FileArchive aren't sorted anymore sometimes after restarting UltraMixer.fixed: [FileArchive] Next and previous buttons not invisible in ID3 tag multi edit mode.fixed: [FileArchive] Not possible to add new music in rarely cases.fixed: [FileArchive] Playlists are not saved sometimes on quitting UltraMixer.fixed: [FileArchive] Previous and next buttons should not be visible in multi edit mode in FileArchive.fixed: [FileArchive] Sync of itunes playlists fails if no iTunes is installed.fixed: [FileArchive] Synchronisation of big groups failes sometimes.fixed: [FileArchive] Synchronisation of complete FileArchive sometimes fails.fixed: [FileArchive] Wrong sort order of date column in filearchive import dialog.fixed: [User Interface] Loading of play lists is not correct.fixed: [Video] It's not possible to switch transition effects in slide show.fixed: [Video] M4a files are recognised as video files.fixed: [Video] Memory leak in slideshow.fixed: [Video] Slide show function to show images with transition effects.fixed: [Video] Slide show transitions can't be changed.fixed: [Video] Visualisation of current track as band ("MTV mode").fixed: [Video] Visualisations and background images are not shown when m4a files are loaded.fixed: [Wishlist] Remote tracks from WishList by backspace key doesn't work.fixed: [Wishlist] Select in wishlist table jumps if tracks are sorted.fixed: [Wishlist] Tracks in wishlist are removed if you put them via DnD into the wishlist again.4.0.5 (RC4) [2014-02-07]fixed: [Preferences] Language can't be changed in settings.fixed: [Video] UltraMixer doesn't start if slideshow directory doesn't exists anymore.4.0.4 [2013-11-27]new: [FileArchive] Playlists are instantly saved and restored even after a system crash.changed: [FileArchive] Update FIleArchive statistic without need to restart.fixed: [FileArchive] Show message if UltraMixer Client can't connect to a UltraMixer Server.fixed: [FileArchive] UltraMixer doesn't start if file archive list is sorted by TPM column and UltraMixer is restarted.fixed: [Preferences] Option "this UltraMixer acts as client" is not selected after restart.4.0.3 [2013-08-20]new: [FileArchive] Column "counter" and group "played tracks" are supported now from "UltraMixer Home" [FileArchive] Detail search extended by field "version".new: [FileArchive] Intelligent groups are extended by new column "added" (time).new: [FileArchive] New column "added" (time).new: [FileArchive] New options for preview player: "load track on change" and "keep playing on change".new: [FileArchive] Possibility to edit ID3 tags in all tables by pressing [FileArchive] Show recently added tracks in FileArchive [FileArchive] Sortable [MIDI] Option to disable crossfader on Denon MC3000 and MC6000.changed: [FileArchive] Multi column sort should be independently from lower/upper case.changed: [FileArchive] Previewplayer continues playing when a new title is selected.changed: [Preferences] Cleaner actions names in keyboard settings.fixed: [FileArchive] Menu item "Show in Explorer" and "Reveal in Finder" not visible in group "Played Tracks".4.0.2 [2013-05-03]new: [FileArchive] Automatic scrolling in FileArchive tree when drag'n'drop [FileArchive] Seperate view of file path and file name in FileArchive [Other] Automatic recognition of order number when activating UltraMixer.changed: [FileArchive] Optimized amazon cover search.changed: [User Interface] "Add Tracks": use last used directory in file chooser.fixed: [Other] It's now possible to start multiple instances of full version of UltraMixer at one system.fixed: [Preferences] It's not possible to use multiple sound devices in UltraMixer Basic.fixed: [Preferences] Shortcuts can not be changed in "UltraMixer Basic".fixed: [SoundPlayer] CDs can't be played in preview player.fixed: [User Interface] YouTube Downloader doesn't work anymore.4.0.1 [2013-03-02]new: [AudioEngine] New "all" channel in ASIO mode (output to all channels).new: [Other] Support for multi user [Preferences] Function to export and import [SoundPlayer] "in-time" looping mode (origin position is restored after looping).new: [SoundPlayer] Option to switch from bpm to mpm in display.fixed: [FileArchive] Auto sync function can't be disabled.fixed: [FileArchive] Sometimes tracks can't be added to FileArchive.fixed: [Other] Licence sometimes recognized as invalid.fixed: [Preferences] Not possible to set the prefered ASIO device.fixed: [Preferences] Preview of home skin changed.fixed: [User Interface] Precuing with audio CDs is not possible.4.0 [2012-12-20]new: [2 Playlists] Automatically restart [AudioEngine] Automatic talkover (music decreases automatically when speaking into mic).new: [AudioEngine] Mic support (live playback for microphone channel of sound devices).new: [AudioEngine] Mix-Broadcasting to stream your mix into the world (e.g. Thank You for Submitting a Reply, ! Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. Please submit your review for VirtualDJ 8 1. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Because Mixxx is open source, anyone can remix or add new features to it.


The program supports a large variety of video and audio file formats, such as MOV, AVI, MPEG1, 2 and 3. It provides users with a large number of useful features, and is particular popular with professional DJs. The automatic seamless loop engine and . Timecode vinyls can be bought here. You are logged in as .


UH OH.This page doesnt exist Maybe you followed a bad link? Try this instead: Home . SummaryIt's 2017 already, you don't need to use CDs anymore if you wanna make a party. Need a break? Create a quick playlist and let Auto DJ take over. It will let you organize your collection of tracks and group them easily in a DJ-friendly way, using filter to find the hot songs, or find compatible bpm or key, access your previous playlists. You can get involved with Mixxx today by creating your own branch, helping with translations, or working on one of our other starter tasks. Among the features included in Virtual DJ are video and audio mixing, video and audio editing, scratching, and vinyl emulation. Atomix Productions entirely re-coded its flagship software, giving it an all-new sound engine and improving sampling, browser, and effects, as well as adding important new capabilities, like video.Pros Console: VirtualDJ 8's dark-toned layout resembles a studio mixing console with twin turntable pads and control panels, but it's easier to manage than others we've tried. THANKS VDJ TEAM Reply to this review Was this review helpful? (0) (0) Report this post Email this post Permalink to this post 4 stars "Fun little toy" December 05, 2015 By BobKoontz 2015-12-05 12:32:38 By BobKoontz Version: VirtualDJ 8 8.1.2582 ProsGives you all the basics.


read more + User Reviews + Please Wait Add Your Review Login or create an account to post a review. Price: $19.00 / Shareware mix software bpm mp3 mixing record audio player professional music video loops xylio Details Download Save . We do not encourage the use of a software if it violates laws in your country. The program also allows users to broadcast their work online either through a link that streams it, or through webradio.Virtual DJ is available on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. We use own and third party cookies to improve our services and your experience. About Us Softonic Info Help & Support Jobs Company News Legal Information Software Policy Developers Softonic Developer Center Upload and Manage your Software Partners Advertising Opportunities Users Become a fan of Softonic Follow us Softonic Google+ LinkedIn Flickr Subscribe to our RSS feeds Softonic App Softonic Answers Softonic Newsletters AppCrawlr Softonic in: Espaol English Franais Deutsch Italiano Portugus Polski Nederlands Trke / Svenska The name and logo of Softonic are registered trademarks of SOFTONIC INTERNACIONAL S.A. Bright icon colors are particularly legible in low-light environments. Powerful Mixing Engine Mixxx has a cutting-edge mixing engine including support for MP3, M4A/AAC, OGG, FLAC, and WAV audio, adjustable EQ shelves, timecode vinyl control, recording, and Shoutcast broadcasting. ConsCan't compete with ProTools. Waitlist).fixed: [User Interface] Preview Player is opening and closing when double clicking on PP column.fixed: [User Interface] Shorcuts sometimes not usable.fixed: [User Interface] The first two tracks are not loaded automatically when adding new tracks by "+"-button.fixed: [User Interface] Window layout changes when switching between FileArchive and Mixer.fixed: [Waitlist] Double clicking empty Waitlist/Wishlist caused an error.fixed: [Waitlist] Starting with a missing USB device causes a lot of "missing file" messages.fixed: [Widgets] Widget settings open in background. fb328d6702

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